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Less was good. I did less today as well. I was only riding another 150 miles. Destination: Tahoe. The route was simple, just Highway 89/267 all the way to my final stop. Yesterday I started taking more pics, but there just wasn’t a lot of fall color up until about Chester. I’m not sure if it’s an elevation or location thing, but I’m hoping that there is more to see down the way. I picked up a copy of the Plumas County fall color guide that gave me a few spots to look at on my journey south: Round Lake, Thompson Valley Ranch, Gold Lake.

Leaving Chester, there was a great view of Mount Lassen in my rear view mirror. I stopped to get the photo.
To Tahoe - 1

As for fall color, the verdict? Round lake: dud, Thompson Valley Ranch: hit, Gold Lake: skipped. I’m not exactly sure what is going on with this fall. I don’t know if I’m seeing the wrong places, fall is weak because of the lack of rain, or peak has not it.

Thompson Valley Ranch:
To Tahoe - 2

To Tahoe - 3

No ride can really be complete without some Taco Bell somewhere along the way. That place was Quincy. This was not the cleanest of border runs, but what border run is (aside from the Mountain View one)? That being said, they didn’t skimp on the stuff inside. Super good or I’m hungry.

On a last stitch effort to see good color in Plumas County, I swing into Plumas-Eureka State Park based on the guide. They are closing for the year today In that vein they were giving away all the junk food to anyone that would take it. Unfortunately the only color I see in the state park is the Popsicle bin in the freezer. Not quite the place for fall color!  🙂
To Tahoe - 4

They did have an old firetruck that was pretty cool.
To Tahoe - 5

I finally see color riding into Tahoe. There’s a nice patch of yellow and orange just north of Brockway Summit. I’m finally feeling back into the picture taking mode. I spent a good 1/2 hour there just looking for and through shots.
To Tahoe - 6

To Tahoe - 7

Panoramics - 8

There was some stiff wind all the way through the ride. The flag sure looked pretty though!


As the day begins to fade, it’s time to keep moving. My aunt, Mary Ann, is in from Wisconsin at my uncle’s cabin in Tahoe. Our schedules were so disparate trying to meet at home, it was nice to have this overlap. Joyce as usual cooked an excellent dinner. The hangout time with family and Anel was just what I needed after the days on the road.


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