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It’s time to head home. It was great to see such varied countryside and have 900 miles under my belt with about another 300 to go.  There was snow for Lake Tahoe in the forecast.  Odd thing was that in Tahoe it was 60 degrees and sunny. Not exactly snowy weather.  Well, being smart, I headed for home.

To Sunnyvale - 1

The fall color was good the day before so I wanted to take another go at it. I headed up CA-267 to see the colors again and got a few new shots.

To Sunnyvale - 2
To Sunnyvale - 3

After CA-267 crosses the summit, it crosses some high plains. I spotted this ballcap from the road and thought it made a nice photo.

To Sunnyvale - 4

I’d not seen Donner pass road before and had tried to find it a time or two before with no luck. With another attempt to find it I was successful! I didn’t know it was US-40 as well.

To Sunnyvale - 5

It’s a nice climb:

To Sunnyvale - 6

With good color:

To Sunnyvale - 7

And a great view of Donner Lake:

Panoramics - 8
To Sunnyvale - 9

Donner pass road ends about halfway down Donner pass on I-80. You then return back to the freeway near Cisco.

I really wanted to go south to Ice House Road, but with the storm coming my time was limited. Be that as it may, the road was a nice diversion from the freeway. It’s a semi technical climb to the top with great vistas!

To Sunnyvale - 10

Lunch was Chick Fil-A! I always come home on Sundays, when Chick Fil-A is closed so this was a special treat.

Panoramics - 11

Most of the ride at this point was freeway so it was not all that interesting. I did find a scenic vista near the Benicia bridge near the oil refinery.

I also did get in right before the rains for which I’m thankful!


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