Retrieving the bike



So it’s day two in Lake Tahoe. To say it was cold was an understatement. The morning started off in the low 20s. A friend of mine was traveling from South San Jose up to Lake Tahoe with a motorcycle trailer the day before I left. The good news is I didn’t have to trailer the bike. The bad news is my motorcycle is in Reno rather than South Lake Tahoe. The snow caused a bit of a diversion on the original travel path.

And the adventure begins!  Nothing like jumping in with both feet!

After a bit of back-and-forth thing with the friends I’m staying with we decided that the best way forward was to rent a trailer myself and head down to Reno. The challenge was I haven’t pulled a trailer in probably 25 years and I definitely am not good at backing up with a trailer. Forging onto the adventure ahead I put a hitch on the Tacoma and headed down the mountain to bring my bike back up the hill.

The trailer was surprisingly easy to pull. Given that there is no weight and it was only about 10 feet long I didn’t really feel it at all – until I got to Costco. Being that Costco is about $.70 a gallon cheaper per gallon the temptation was hard to pass up. All was going to plan until I got pinned in by a large RV next to the gas pump. To get out pretty much took pretty much all of the lessons I learned in driver’s ed about mirrors, turning radius, and a little bit of reverse. Was it worth it? Probably not. I felt better though having done it.

About an hour later I landed in Reno and moved the bike from one trailer to the other. My host lives on a hill with a full view of the vast valley below. It’s intoxicatingly beautiful and on the market for about $350,000. There’s just a slower, less competitive pace of life here which is wonderfully refreshing. I know it has its downsides, but I want to call that positive out while I see it.



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