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  • Dancing with Windmills

    Dancing with Windmills

    The team launched a new feature called #wordPrompt where they post a term each month to inspire content for your blog. This month’s word: green. When it comes to motorcycle posts, I almost always lead with a picture, stories, and conclude with a route map. As to every rule, there is always an exception. […]

  • A motorcyclist marked by Covid

    A motorcyclist marked by Covid

    This post is a follow-up to my first pandemic post: It’s ok to say “I’m hurting”. Talk to any seasoned motorcycle rider, and you often hear the phrase “There is cold, and there is cold on a motorcycle.” Without the proper gear, riding extended distances in cold weather leaves the rider chilled to the bones. […]

  • On Winter Riding

    On Winter Riding

    If I’m honest, there’s definitely a part of me that has been feeling the winter blues. For the last 3 to 4 weeks here in Northern California, it’s been cold, wet, and cloudy just about every day. Since we generally have so many great days to go riding, it’s easy to forgo your motorcycle, and […]

  • Old Stories; New Beginnings

    Old Stories; New Beginnings

    My bike has been in the shop for almost a month. Having just rolled over 12,000 miles, the Beemer needed its thousand dollars of love. That includes a major service: oil, valves, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I also wanted BMWs to help troubleshoot why the installation of HeliBars was crimping the front […]

  • Hiking in March

    Hiking in March

    In mid-March, my neighbor and I were sitting in his driveway, shooting the breeze. We covered all sorts of topics: current events, the stock market decline, what’s going on at home, etc. I posted that photograph to Facebook with the tagline: Sometimes it’s about living life with the people around you. I appreciate my afternoons […]

  • Sunset at Acalanes

    Sunset at Acalanes

    A colleague of mine at work today asked what platform powered my blog. That’s easy: WordPress. He was looking for a solution to share photos outside of the social network. That got me thinking. Sometimes writing a long narrative keeps me from posting photos on my blog. This post is simple by design. A buddy […]

  • Back to the Peninsula

    Back to the Peninsula

    Going out during the coronavirus pandemic still feels a bit weird to me. I’d been putting off vacation as I wondered what I would do with a day of vacation sitting at home. In many ways, at least working kept a sense of groundedness throughout the day. Knowing I’d lose the holiday come June 1st, […]

  • T1D Biker Gang

    T1D Biker Gang

    This Memorial Day weekend in the age of coronavirus was anything but typical. Usually, I’m off on the motorcycle somewhere in the Sierras chasing the ebbing snow. With the continuing sheltering in place order except for essential services and exercise activity life here is anything but typical. On Saturday, my friend Sarah texted me and […]

  • #eastCounty


    We hardly ever get rain in May. This past weekend two crazy rainstorms swept through town Sunday and Monday, leaving the air perfect for motorcycle riding! Now that riding ATVs is legal in the state of California for exercise, I wanted to hop on my bike in a socially distant fashion. I love the Briones […]

  • Sweating Lafayette’s Ridge Trail

    Sweating Lafayette’s Ridge Trail

    With coronavirus slowing my life down to a very long, quiet pause, I’ve been taking the time to walk – a lot. I normally hike the ridge near my house. It’s a 3 to 4 mile jaunt with about 800 feet of elevation gain. I’ve become fond of that hike – especially with the great […]

  • Springtime Moto Poppies!

    Springtime Moto Poppies!

    Typically Mount Diablo is my go-to motorcycle ride what I need to clear my head. With the park closed, I’ve had to look at other places for my motorcycle quick fix! The late Robert Bleeker introduced me to the lap around Briones Park as an alternative to commuting on Highway 24. This little loop has […]

  • Hanging out at Hawk Hill

    Hanging out at Hawk Hill

    One of my favorite stretches of pavement in the bay area that nobody’s ever heard of is Conzelman Road. It’s the little ribbon of pavement that snakes up the Marin Headlands for an outstanding view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Randy flew into town unexpectedly which was a great surprise. He suggested maybe heading over […]

  • I took the road less traveled…

    I took the road less traveled…

    Four years in I’m still learning the back roads of Contra Costa and Alameda counties. November and December were really wet months. January was cold and I was traveling for a good portion of it. Come February we’ve had a brief bump in warm weather and with an impending surgery, I wanted to get out […]

  • Mount Diablo – Fits like a leather glove!

    Mount Diablo – Fits like a leather glove!

    When I was living down in the valley, I’d heard lots of things about “Highway 9”. It had a reputation for crashes when guys would get too throttle happy. It was usually packed on the weekends. Climate sometimes varied significantly from the valley floor to the ridge. Over the years what I found though it […]

  • Sunrise on Mount Tam

    Sunrise on Mount Tam

    This winter seemed to go on forever. We’ve had a lot of rain which I am thankful for, but this Californian definitely loves the sun. This year Easter came late, April 21 to be exact. With generally mild temperatures and no rain in the forecast, the annual trek to Mount Tamalpais (Mount Tam for short) […]

  • Easter Sunrise

    Easter Sunrise

    Easter Sunday affords one of the most unique rides in the bay area. This ride started in the mid-1980s by a couple of hard-core vintage motorcycle riders and some good friends within the California State Parks. What is it? It’s the annual sunrise ride to the summit parking lot of Mount Tamalpais.  There’s an optional […]

  • Farm Road 109

    Farm Road 109

    This is my first motorcycle ride back from the Sierras since moving to the East Bay and it was decidedly different in good and unexpected ways.  I did my first long ride in almost 3 years. That in and of itself is awesome. When riding I’m often a stickler for mileage as it helps place me […]

  • A second splash of fall color

    A second splash of fall color

    It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog. Working on the house took longer than expected. Writing blogs got hard with Dragon for Mac. I upgraded to Dragon Dictate for Mac version 6 hoping it would fix issues and I felt like it was a significant regression from version 5. Having the Mac […]

  • Christmas on two wheels

    Christmas on two wheels

    Last year was the first year I was able to attend the South Bay Riders’ Toy Ride. Mike, a longtime motorcyclist here in the Bay Area, organizes this ride. Each rider is to bring a new, unwrapped toy for the Toys For Tots program. Some riders come out in full regalia, others with a touch of […]

  • A rider greets autumn

    A rider greets autumn

    Weather is a changin’ Every rider once a year has that ride where he knows the weather has fully transitioned from warm weather to cool weather for the year.  As motorcyclists, we are fully in the weather.  Going places means experiencing all that that place has to offer as well as everything in between. The […]