Turning Left on Highway 20 East

WordPress, the software that powers this blog, has a small folder called “Drafts.” The drafts folder contains thoughts that got started but were not quite finished. Some of those posts sit days. Some of them sit for months. A few of them sit years. This post sat years. If it had finished on time, I... Continue Reading →

North Coast Loop

After a glorious ride down the Sierra Nevadas, I was ready for a bit more. I spent the middle of the week catching up on life here in the Bay Area and wanted to get one more ride in on my staycation. Larry, a buddy of mine, lives up north on the coast in a... Continue Reading →

Flat Stanley Comes to California!

Background A few weeks ago I got a special package in the mail from my niece.  I had been selected for a Flat Stanley project.  Flat Stanley is a children’s tale where Stanley gets a new bulletin board for his room.  One night as Stanley is asleep the bulletin board falls on top of him... Continue Reading →

Damn it was cold!

The weather today was Fortuna usual: cold and foggy in the morning with the hope of sun in the afternoon. Looking a the map, there are a a few main options into Garberville: The Lost Coast, Avenue of the Giants with Shelter Cove, and Alderpoint Road. I’d done the other two in years past, so... Continue Reading →

Four Tuna

I needed to see the redwoods.  Something was pulling inside of me to go see the stately giants.  A few weeks ago I was up in Kings Canyon to see the Sequoias but they don’t have the same effect on me as the redwoods.  Redwoods appear (to me) as very gentle giants.  Their long, slender... Continue Reading →

Trinidad Bay B & B

A friend of mine recommended staying in Trinidad a number of years ago. I put it on the "list" but never got up to town. I figured this was the weekend to go see it. I stayed at a place that was a bit, ok a lot, nicer than the usual fare. The inn sits... Continue Reading →

It Hasta be Shasta! (350 miles)

There was no getting around that it was going to be hot today. The only real escape was elevation. Redding was supposed to be 107 for the high which is just miserable. The big problem with this time of year is that the high comes late in the day so it was worth staying at... Continue Reading →

The 20 year ride

Day 1: 191 miles I got an invite to go on a ride with some of my co workers. It turns out that this ride has been going on for about the last 20 years as the Memorial Day lap around northern California. This year they decided to move it out a week. I am... Continue Reading →

So small in a big place…

I got to meet up with a buddy of mine from the Bay Area who moved up to Eureka about a year ago. Adam was one of the first few folks I met out here that rode bikes whom I had known from the usenet group rec.motorcycles. We had breakfast, kicked some tires, and caught... Continue Reading →

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