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When I first started building websites, I was all about Dreamweaver. I worked at Macromedia and it was important to have a web presence to not only test Dreamweaver but to establish myself on the web. My basic HTML website then became powered by Serendipity and now WordPress.

WordPress is truly an amazing piece of software. It’s evolved from a blogging platform into a fully featured content management platform capable of running blogs and stand-alone websites.

WordPress has become a huge part of what I do personally as well as professionally online. When I got to Sydney, I wanted to connect with local technology groups. WordPress was one of them.

At the January Meetup, both presenters noted that “content” was hard. It was hard getting the right content from contributors as well as difficulties around migrating that content into WordPress. At Atlassian, we use Confluence for the content creation and review process and JIRA Agile to help the schedule and deploy content. I also showcase how I use Google Analytics on my own website to learn more about my audience.

I got the opportunity to share how both Atlassian and I personally use WordPress. The talk centers around three themes: create, communicate, evaluate. Have questions? Feel free to drop me a note in the comments.

Scaling Content in WordPress from Atlassian Presentations


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