Happy Birthday Mark



I met Mark the first time I was here in Australia. I was super grateful for his expertise as it made this traveler’s journey much easier being fresh from the states. Now coming back to Sydney, it was great seeing a familiar face in the context of a new adventure.

Mark was celebrating his 43rd birthday out in the Royal Botanical Gardens. It is one of Sydney’s more beautiful spots slotted between the Opera House in the newly built up area of Wooloomooloo.

It’s been a while since I’ve just spent the afternoon in the park. I got to meet a bunch of Mark’s friends, learn a lot about Australia, and share a few stories with the ex-pats in the group. One guy was from New Mexico and another was from Key West, Florida.

I’m about six weeks in now and starting to meet friends of friends. It’s good to get that settling in feeling. Life is good.

It was nice to be able to take the group photo as a token of the day.


Fortunately someone was standing by so that I could get in the photo too. 🙂



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