Watsons Bay: A three hour tour!



I’d been hearing a lot about Watsons Bay as one of the pretty spots in Sydney.  The problem was though it was a fair hike from my place to get there.   I was stoked to find out that we were all headed out to Watsons Bay for the JIRA 6.2 launch celebration.  JIRA 6.2 was an awesome release and it was great to be able to celebrate with the dev teams here in Sydney.

At the first ferry stop, Garden Island, I’d asked those around me if anyone has been there.  Everyone agreed it might be interesting to go, but no one actually went.  At our second stop the intercom announced that the ferry was going out of service and we’d be let off at Rose Bay. A new ferry would be coming “soon”.  This ferry was smaller and about 1/2 the group got to chill for a few mins more at Rose Bay.

A few of us took a hike up to the top of the ridge for a nice view of the Tasman Sea.





Looking behind us things were going to change quickly…


It was an all out race between the weather, the ferry and us.  As a Californian where “drizzle” makes front page news, this was an actual storm  Sydney weather was putting on a show today.  Rain was coming to town.


It was one of those fast moving fronts that with a clear “get out of my way” mentality.  The line to get on the ferry had no shelter either. 🙂


The storm was putting its foot down.  “Did I make myself clear?”


Would we all fit inside the Susie ONeill? A few braved the weather under a small nook in the deck as it began to pour on the way back to town.


The rain stopped right before getting back to Circular Quay and a number of us got back out on the deck.  The storm was not to be mocked though.  With one loud clap of thunder we all jumped! Turned out lightning hit the Sydney Harbor Bridge right behind us!



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