Day 7 – Packaging



Troy shared a post on Facebook casually about a rendition of the song I’ll be there for you… It’s the well known theme song for Friends.  I’ve probably listened to 10 times and each time I get more out of the music.  I’d encourage you to listen to both renditions..  Or at least 1/2 of each!

I’ll be there for you

I love the simplicity of the piano and the harmonies in the music.  In the original versions there is so much going on that it’s hard to really grasp the message of what’s being said.  I never really saw either song as having a strong human connection.  I’ve probably listed to the Friends theme song at least a hundered times, but was never really moved like I was the first time I heard these guys.

Being on the other side of the world does make you think about community, people, and connection.  It’s a good thing.  :).  Night Y’all!


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