Goodbye, Syd



I heart you, Australia 🙂

There are a few places in the world that will take a bit of your heart with you as you leave them. Sydney was one of those for me. With all the rain the first day I was sort of bummed about my next two weeks here. I was also wondering why everyone was so excited about Sydney. I can say after 14 days of work at the office, walking all over town, and meeting with and enjoying total strangers I am genuinely sad about going home. I struggle with how to interpret this experience. Usually vacations have a clear high As they are designed to relax and restore. This trip was a business trip. I went to work every day not including the weekends. The trip wasn’t designed to be fun.

They say if you don’t want to go home you know you planned things right. All I can really say is that Sydney, I’ve really enjoyed our first date. Hopefully I’ll get to ask you out again. 🙂

Sydney 161


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