Day 6 – Randomness that caught my eye



The Sydney Harbor Bridge connects the central business district with North Sydney.  Walking across each day I find a mixture of tourists, commuters, and well some odd stuff mixed in from time to time.  I saw a guy run by with his shirt and tie in a bag from the cleaners strapped to his back!

random stuff-2

Coming down from the harbor I saw a giant billboard for Dolly Parton!  The south followed me out here! And no… I’m not planning to go. 😎

random stuff-1


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6 responses to “Day 6 – Randomness that caught my eye”

  1. Brittany and Lisa ray Avatar
    Brittany and Lisa ray

    boo – too short of a post!! We want to see pictures of ur apartment and roomie and office!! Kids liked Mr Muscle!! Lisa waned to tell you she into the talent show ans Anthony still is waiting to hear if u got this shark warning – Lisa wants a “shout out” in the next blog since we read it as a family every night!!
    Miss you love you

    1. Me Avatar

      I didn’t want to post a picture of my place until I was coming home. I’m pleased to report I have a photo:

  2. lisa Avatar

    what a great brother and sister and family!!!…very proud of you both..MOM

    1. Me Avatar

      Aww thanks mom!

  3. Heather Avatar

    “Read it as a family every night…” Love that! I’ve just been reading them solo, but I bet Owen would really like these. We’ve shown him on the globe where you are and he knows you’re gone for awhile, but hearing about Uncle Dan’s adventures every night is very cool.

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