Feeling and Experience



Every so often a song will resonate with me. I’m a firm believer that good country music is all about storytelling. We each have experiences in our lives that are not unique to us but a part of the larger fabric of humanity. I was listening to the song Guinevere and the experience of the main character and her struggle with protecting herself after an experience that was damaging.

Feeling, while our best friend in times of plenty can be our biggest enemy in times of need. It’s our experience, our feeling over time, that one should recognize and celebrate over one’s circumstance.

One of the greatest things we have in life is the ability to feel. It’s our window into the world in which to experience it in the highest fidelity possible. Whether at the highest of highs or in the darkest of lows we should rejoice that we each have experienced much, loved much, and shared much.


Each of us have had experiences where we are in the place portrayed by Guinevere, but we can only recognize where we are at, give and receive forgiveness, and recover to heal and move forward in our lives.

Thoughts? I’d love to hear in the comments.


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