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I left Boulder without my wallet and had to go back to Rocky Mountain National Park the most expedient way which unfortunately had all the traffic. Much like going to Yosemite it was slow going, with tons of cars, and no one willing to turn out. Once I got to the park I was relieved my wallet was still there! Yay!

On my way back to Boulder had to get it in a little bit more of the Peak to Peak Highway. Once arriving back in Boulder at my destination it was great to mellow out for a little while.

I was able to take some photos in my host’s garden. I’m always a sucker for sunflowers and even in Colorado I found some!

IMG 1021
IMG 1022
IMG 1033
IMG 1035 A
IMG 1048

I headed downtown to Denver to meet up with a running group but it turned out they had other plans so nobody showed up to the designated weekly meeting spot. Since I had a bit of time to kill I tried to find another view of the Denver skyline. The inter-web set to head to City Park. After wandering around the park for 20 minutes I the view that everybody was talking about.

[Group 5]-IMG_0978_IMG_0977-14 imagesA

Canadian geese seemed to be alive and well in the park as you could see them walking around in their droppings were all around.

IMG 0967
IMG 0992

I did find it cool to see the mile high jogging loop noted in the park.

IMG 0997

Alas, my time in Colorado is coming to a close. I was able to did the Boulder skyline goodbye on my drive back to Denver International Airport.

[Group 1]-IMG_1124_IMG_1126-3 images

The Rockies I think will always hold a special place in my heart. All in all it was an amazing four days. With all the fires going on photography was a bit of a challenge as the haze seemed to always be there. That being said the motorcycling was quite good, the people were great, and the experience left me wanting to go back at some point down the road.



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