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The Peak to Peak Highway is an amazing piece of asphalt. It was a part of my journey every day of the trip and other than the draconian speed limit management it’s always a wonderful addition. I’d compare it to Skyline Boulevard in the Santa Cruz mountains. I’m sure it’s a staple of the Denver area riders as it affords great views and is an absolute blast to ride! Also, as of August 2012 most of the road is newly paved!

The last time I was out here in May of 2012 it was snowing. At least this time it was only raining. Leaving Estes Park the road climbs a little bit of elevation and runs through some amazing canyon country.

IMG 0946

After leaving the canyons the road winds and winds.

IMG 0941

A little ways down the road is a view of Long’s Peak. Long’s Peak is one of Colorado’s 14ers. That means it’s a peek over 14,000 feet. The clouds put a little bit of a damper on the photography but nonetheless the monstrosity was beautiful.

IMG 0925
[Group 12]-IMG_0928_IMG_0933-6 images

I’m not sure what the mountain was off to the right but it reminded me of Signal Hill in South Africa.

IMG 0926

While those walking around taking photos of Long’s Peak I found this piece of the highway well off of the highway.

IMG 0937

The Peak to Peak Highway varies in the terrain it meanders through. The beginning is deep canyon carving but then it winds through forested mountain sides as well.

IMG 0948

In good Colorado fashion interesting paved roads turn to dirt roads. This is a side road back towards Boulder. The Peak to Peak Highway is all paved.

IMG 0949

The V-Strom 650 was a beautiful bike to ride. I think if I was out there again I’d rent the same bike.

IMG 0954

The waterfalls in Boulder Canyon were incredible. For as dry as Colorado is there seems to be plenty of water around.

IMG 0963

The curves just go on and on!

IMG 1006
IMG 1009

It’s no wonder I saw a number of bikes

IMG 0998 A

Can I say fresh asphalt again?

IMG 1012

And yes it’s always great to see this sign. On this road there were lots of them!

IMG 1017



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