Juniper Springs Resort: Great in the off season, good in season



Some buddies and I usually take a motorcycle trip all over the Sierras around Memorial Day weekend. Usually we stay on the west side of the Sierras near Yosemite, but prices this year seemed way out of line for what you get. Crappy motels were starting in the 150 range.  Since the passes opened very early this year, I figured I’d look over on the eastern side of the mountains to see what was there. The Juniper Springs resort was a great find. Since it was not summer (school was in session) and not the high winter season I got a studio condo for $100 bucks. The $20 resort fee tack on was bogus as they should have just put it on the room.

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The hotel is very nice but you can tell the years of ski lodging was hard on it. While the amenities were luxury style, walls were dinged, linens were a touch worn, and the carpets showed some wear. Nothing to outstanding, but noted by a critical eye. The room was great: fireplace, kitchen, nice bathroom, and sofa.

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Parking was in an underground garage that locked with the room key. It was well secure.  The pool area had three small hot tubs which was a great place to take a soak after the long day’s ride. The staff were pleasant, but didn’t go out of the way to make anything exeptional.  It was nice to have a separate bedroom.  The bed was a little soft, but well within the range of acceptable.

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Would I stay there again?  Absolutely! Only in the off season though.



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