Eastern Sierra Lakes Tour



This was the spring to ride all the mountain passes as they opened. I’d been over Carson early in the season, I (cough, drove, cough) over Sonora. Tioga was finally open and it was time to get out an play on the bikes. I sort of find lakes near snow capped mountains cool, so I decided to see all sorts of bodies of water (also known as lakes) in the Sierra.

Tenaya Lake was super flooded. That sign is usually well on land.
IMG 5252

Spring is in full bloom! The trees at Silver Lake were well covered in green leaves:
IMG 5276

Silver Lake:
IMG 5254

At June lake ready to ride!
IMG 5385

Convict Lake… one of the clearest lakes on the trip:
IMG 5421

Dan chilling at Convict Lake
IMG 5438

Erick Schat’s Bakery. It’s an authentic Dutch bakery in Bishop. Apparently a local favorite that did not disappoint if a sandwich is your food of choice.
IMG 5448

162 headed up to Lake Sabrina. It’s a super nice view with the sharp, snow covered peaks. CA162 was sort of a strange little road.. great scenery, but straighter than I would have expected for as good of scenery as there was. Aspendell will be cool in the fall though!
IMG 5508

Lake Sabrina. This one looked so cool from the pictures, but the actual lake was less than. The grounds were not as well taken care of as other lakes. The water level also seemed way low as well.
IMG 5477

The V-Strom is slowly starting to do more dirt !
IMG 5510

The start of US Highway 6… all the way from Bishop, CA to Provencetown, MA
IMG 5523

US6 on it’s way into Nevada. Staring out into the distance made me think about my cross country ride last summer. I wonder what it would be like to take 6 all the way across.
IMG 5536


I’m in Nevada! (but I think I’m sill in California here).
IMG 5548

Much of the afternoon was spent dodging these suckers, but I got wet anyway.
IMG 5551

The V & I off in the desert
IMG 5567

Lundy Lake
IMG 5644

Fisherman out on Virginia Lake. This was the highest lake of the tour at 9600 ft (I think). Super fun little road out to it. I’m finding that it’s cool to ride some of these smaller roads rather than just state highways .
IMG 5694

Tioga Lake. The snow capped mountains in the back were cool!
IMG 5793

Bridalveil Falls in full color
IMG 5870

A rainbow, but no pot of gold (aside from a great ride)
IMG 5873

The stream out of Bridalveil falls
IMG 5879

We took a lot of panoramas on this trip so it took some time to get them all stitched. Here are the panoramic shots of all the fun destinations on the trip. They are sort of out of order, but you’ll get the idea

The summit just before you hit Lake Sabrina on CA 168:
168 Summit 1

The Sierra Nevada loom along US-395. They are really cool with the snow:

Cowboy & wife fishin’ at Convict Lake:

A close up of the shores at Convict Lake:
Convictlake 4

Sort of a random pano. I saw a similar photo in the fall with yellow but was interested to try the effect. Not sure the green is as cool as the yellow:

The “other side” of 120 in stark contrast. Snow capped mountains and Yosemite National Park:
Highway 120 West

Lake Sabrina:


Lundy Lake:
IMG 5647

The sunset on Sunday was spectacular. I’m giving this one two shots:
Mono Lake Sunset

Mono 2

Route for the weekend:


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