Dan & Mike’s Kings Canyon Newbie Tour



I’ve been going to camp as a cabin counselor for the past 8 years to Sequoia lake which is right outside the park. I kept telling myself “I need to go see the park” as I was so close. I never did until this year. Anel and I rode down into the canyon but didn’t really get to see all that much as we were exhausted from a week of camp.

So I wanted to get back there before the season closed. The more I go there, the more I appreciate the park. Much like with any adventure, you get last minute curveballs. This trip I’d realized I over committed the group on Saturday so we had to move our hotel reservations. We also got winter storm warnings so we’d have to keep our eyes on the weather to ensure we didn’t get trapped up on one of the passes.

So… here we go!

We stopped at 198 and 25, but this cow told us to “moo”ve on. I love that joke!

198 starts off with a long straight leaving 25, but not for long.

We started up M50, Parker Pass, after a drenching rain leaving Tulare. The V is just starting it’s dirtyness.


Really there were only two things I was looking to see: the Sherman tree and Moro Rock. Moro Rock was impressive with the weather. We had clouds above, below and all around. How they carved the stairs in this rock was beyond me but really cool!img_9746.jpg

Mike, Bill, and Vinicio are faster hikers than I am (or they take fewer pictures :))img_9748.jpg

The stairs!img_9751.jpg

The clouds!img_9761.jpgScott, Vinico, Mike, Dan, Bill, Mike all climbed the 400 stairs to the top!


Wow! Everyone seems to hike faster than me :o.

Sunset was really cool from the road to Hume Lake and the canyon was very foreboding. 

The bikes slept well during the cold night!


All the zuk’s were dirty in the same spots. SV’s and DL’s have that in common! They collect dirt the same way.


The ride to Road’s end and back up the canyon was nothing short of spectacular! All of us peeps stopped to take in the beauty at Roads End. Pablo, Bill, Scott, Mike, Vinicio, Dan, Dave, Carrie, Mike!

I had seen Roaring River Falls on a post card when Anel and I were in the canyon, but we didn’t quite make it there then. It’s something cool to see and I’m betting the rain helped the flow.

The General Grant Tree is a sight to behold.  I never tire of seeing it.


Mike was a little short on tire – you know those sliver strips were beginning to show! We prayed to the tire gods to get us back to FresYES!


It was a great trip ya’ll. One filled with good roads, good food, and good camaraderie. Thanks to each of you for making the weekend great.

Where’s the next one? Thinking Eureka or Crescent City. Stay tuned in spring of ’09.



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