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Death Valley 2008 - 1

After three full days on the bike, it was nice to have a day off. While it was not a riding day, it was a full day none the less. We had more a few photographers on the trip, some by trade and some by hobby. A few of us got up at oh dark thirty to make our way across the park to see the sun come up over the dunes and to take pictures of the sunrise.

Death Valley 2008 - 2

It was the first large expanse of sand I’d seen in the park.

Death Valley 2008 - 3
Death Valley 2008 - 4

Now I felt like I was really in the desert. As the sun came up over the horizon the view was spectacular.

Death Valley 2008 - 5

You could see the shadows all over the dunes. It was also freezing. We learned first hand that the coldest part of the day is after the sun comes up.

Death Valley 2008 - 6

We took the rest of the day just to be leisurely. We had a late breakfast and then went to go see some of the other destinations in the park: Rhyolite Ghost Town, Furnace Creek Flowers, the dunes, and of course, the welcome sign :).

Death Valley 2008 - 7
Death Valley 2008 - 8
Death Valley 2008 - 9
Death Valley 2008 - 10
Death Valley 2008 - 11

The pool at Furnace creek is spring fed at 84 degrees, so plenty comfortable to jump in, but too warm to really work out. That being said, it was nice to stretch and loosen up some of the muscles that can get tense from being on the bike.

Some folks decided to make the journey back two days, but part of coming was to experience a 500 mile day. For those that stayed Sunday night was pretty leisurely. Most of us were prepping our bikes, getting stuff packed, etc.

Bed comes early as morning calls early.


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