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Death Valley 2008 - 1

Day three things start to relax. It was plenty warm in the park. The plan is to see most of the park’s major sites: Zabriske Point,

Death Valley 2008 - 2

Dante’s View,

Death Valley 2008 - 3

Badwater Basin,

Death Valley 2008 - 4

the Amargosa Opera House,

Death Valley 2008 - 5

and Artist Palette.

Death Valley 2008 - 6
Death Valley 2008 - 7

As I started to get to know the park, I quickly began to appreciate it more. Being under the ocean was trippy too!

Death Valley 2008 - 8

The desert is unlike any other spot. As water is constrained and temperature extremes are plentiful, you have to look a bit harder to see “life”. Part of me too never really thought of the desert as cold. As soon as the sun goes down, so does the mercury. The lack of humidity and atmospheric insulation makes for large deltas between day and night.

Dante’s view is one of the most spectacular views of the park. You can see peaks from 11,000 feet all the way down to -280 feet at Badwater Basin.

It was nice today to be less destination oriented. We got to know the other riders a bit more, to see the sights a bit more, and to appreciate what was around us more so than getting there. Since I did not know anyone really that well when starting the trip, it was great to start to get to know folks a bit more.

Death Valley 2008 - 9

Saturday night 30 some of us all crammed into Tyler’s hotel room for some hangout time. The wine came out and a good time was had by all, though some enjoyed it more than others “:-)”.

Death Valley 2008 - 10


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