The Tybee Island Round Trip – 30 miles



As luck would have it the bike does not start. The electrical issues that got me in Atlanta were back. Now the question was could I fix it with a new battery or were there more severe electrical gremlins at work. After making a few calls I found an independent mechanic that thinks he might be able to fix it. I jump start the bike and head off into town. We hook the bike up to the multi meter and voila, the charging system is working! All signs now point to a bad battery. When getting the bike checked out in California, the mechanic said the battery looked good. That being said, five years is good for a motorcycle battery and the last few weeks were probably hard on its last bit of life.

The independent mechanic didn’t have the right battery, but the local Suzuki dealer in town did. With a battery replacement the bike had the zip in the starter she used to have! We’re set!

Days 19-21: Savannah, GA - 1

I meet everyone back at the house and we head east. The last 15 miles is here. The countryside here reminds me much of the bay lands back home. There is a lot of marshland that water flows through based on the tide. We smell the familiar smells of low tide as we pass from island to island. I stop to take pictures of the welcome sign as it’s the last official new city of the journey.

Days 19-21: Savannah, GA - 2

As I get closer to the ocean I see the marshlands turn into small hotels, second homes, and the beachy tourist attractions. US-80 turns south when it hits the ocean marking the most easterly point of the trip. I’m here: The Atlantic Ocean!

Days 19-21: Savannah, GA - 3

The coast to coast journey is compete!

Days 19-21: Savannah, GA - 4
Days 19-21: Savannah, GA - 5

I take end of journey pictures and then head over the cabin. It has been really good to hang out with the family for a few days and not having to put so many miles on the road each day. After coming back from ice cream, it’s time to go swim all the calories off! We walk over to the beach and jump in the ocean! The ocean is so much warmer than it’s west coast counterpart. We play a bit of over and under with the waves and hang out at the beach. Apparently I’m not used to the salt!

The cabin has an outdoor fireplace. Fires in Savannah in June didn’t seem like they all would coexist well, but you know, it was a great atmosphere and there was a nice breeze tonight to give a good balance between the warmth of the fire and the breeze from the ocean. We have a great evening around the “campfire”, as the hustle and bustle of the day catches up with us. My sister and her husband have been great hosts. It’s been a real treat to have such a nice end point rather than just some city along the Atlantic Coast.


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