Piedmont to Coastal Plain: 300 miles



At this point I’ve lost the sense of what “Monday” means with nearing three weeks on the road. It’s strange to have the bike in Georgia, sort of an out of place thing even though I enjoy having my own set of wheels.

The bike seems to be running just fine. With the battery issues behind me, I bid my parents adieu late morning and I should be in Savannah just after 4 p.m. One thing I’m not used to is the humidity that comes with the east coast.

The ride is about 300 miles of super slab from Atlanta down to Savannah. It’s not the most interesting ride, but I’m ready to get there and my sister is not going to handle any more delays all that well. I made good time on the way to Macon as there is no traffic at all. I got gas and spend about 15 minutes in the tiny gas mart rehydrating and enjoying the modern marvel known as air conditioning.

Days 19-21: Savannah, GA - 1

Interstate 16 is about 170 miles with only 30 exits most of which have few, if any services. This stretch reminds me of the wide open plains in Kansas. Those in Georgia drive faster than most I’ve met, so the time passes quickly.

Days 19-21: Savannah, GA - 2

About 100 miles out of Macon I arrive in Dublin, GA. Since Chick-Fil-A is a luxury out in California, I try to stop there each time I come to Georgia. Unfortunately it’s not on the freeway, so I have to drive way into town. The GPS doesn’t really know where it is either, so I hunt and eventually find the treasure.

Days 19-21: Savannah, GA - 3

I press on east with 60 miles until touchdown in Savannah. I need gas so I have to stop again. Hydrating and sitting in the gas station for air conditioning is becoming a habit. The gas station attendant asks me my plans. I tell him I am from California on the way to Savannah. Turns out he lived in Los Angeles and relocated back to south Georgia to be closer to his family. I take his well wishes and knock out the final 60 miles.

I told my sister I’d rent a car at the Atlanta airport, but was unsure if I’d be able to get the bike in the gated community. Sometimes they have rules against my type. The guard waves me on in. When I get to her house I can’t get in the driveway. I’ve traveled 5,000 miles over mountain peaks, in rain, wind, and darkness and I can’t get into the driveway! I see my sister and her friend looking at me with this look of “who is this?” The reality that I came from California sunk in and she walked inside with the “I can’t believe he rode that thing all the way here!” look.

My sister was stressed out that I kept changing plans as I didn’t know my final touchdown date. I was only 1/2 hour late from my last report. She had to get Lisa from Spanish class a few houses down. I ask her if the baby she’s holding is my nephew. She laughs and hands Anthony to me to hold.

A second or two later Brittany realizes I’m dirty and takes Anthony back and instructs me to take a shower.

Days 19-21: Savannah, GA - 4

I’m finally here. I’ve met my nephew!

Tuesday was spent relaxing. I spent time with the kids as well as my sister and her husband. I didn’t have anywhere to go, or to be, so it was nice just doing everyday life with the family. Only one more place to go: Tybee Island and the Atlantic Ocean.


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