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Finally… I have a phone I can use. Back in 2001 I finally got a cell phone. Yes.. I was one of the last few hold outs it seemed. Even my folks had phones. I signed up with Sprint as they were one of the few phone companies at the time where I could use the phone in Atlanta as well as in San Francisco. It was the “HMO” of the phone industry. The phone was free to use as long as you were in an “in network” city.

Times have now changed and well, I should have left Sprint years ago. I signed a contract in 2005 to get a new phone. I was told I’d get my numbers moved from one phone to another and I’d get a 150 instant rebate. I got to the counter at “closing time” and well, the tech had left and it was a mail in rebate. I should have walked out. I took the deal instead. Once I moved… well, I couldn’t use the phone at home. Major bummer.

Now it’s 2007 and I’ve moved. I’ve tried Skype and it’s pretty good, but at 0.02 per min and 0.05 to connect, it does add up, depending on how much one does talk. I just got sick of not being able to use a phone, so it worked for the interim. I’m now on the Cingular network! I can get coverage at home now. I went for the Sony 810i. It’s got a pretty good camera and built in FM radio. I can go for that. It also syncs to Outlook. That works too.

But most of all, I can use my phone at home. What a concept!


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