Pigeon Point and Linux




I had one of those “I’ve got a few hours to play with” on Sat and decided to take the bike out for a short ride along the coast… Like most folks have said, it was a great weekend to be out. Unlike the newbie ride of a week ago, the weather was perfect. Clear skies and warm weather!

With a bit of fiddling with the convert utility on Linux, I’ve got my shots under the 300k upload limit! 🙂

Ye old farmhouse on Lahonda Road about 1/2 way down the hillCA9_Fall_Moto_Ride_ 033-0

Hopefully all the two have in common is yellow!CA9_Fall_Moto_Ride_ 033-1.jpg

Way perched up on Highway 1

Nearing Davenport

CA9_Fall_Moto_Ride_ 033-4.jpg

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

CA9_Fall_Moto_Ride_ 033-5.jpg

Trying to be a bit artsy

CA9_Fall_Moto_Ride_ 033-6.jpg

Yours truly

CA9_Fall_Moto_Ride_ 033-7.jpg

A nice overlook coming up the top of Highway 9 from Boulder Creek

CA9_Fall_Moto_Ride_ 033-8.jpg




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