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Today was day number two off the bike. Both Andy and Raissa work in Downtown Seattle, so I went into town with them. To my amusement, their commute is similar to mine, just on the King County Metro versus the CalTrain. We both live in the ‘burbs and commute into the city via public transit. It’s not a bad deal when it works, but is a nightmare when it does not. We swapped war stories on the way in about getting stranded and having to take the midnight ride back with all the interesting folk that ride the bus that late. Molly the bus driver knew that I was from out of town so she made sure that I knew all of the bus routes around the major downtown area and what to do if I get lost (even though I do have a great sense of direction :)).

Bumming Around Seattle - 1

Once we arrived in downtown, it quickly became the Seattle I know and love. The overcast and cool weather (even with a bit of rain) was in town full force. I bummed around and found a StarBucks so that I could get some work done in the am while the weather cleared up.

I tried logging onto my T-Mobile account to use the internet there, but my password was not correct. After 30 minutes of screwing around with password reset utils and browsers and 20 mins on the phone I find out that my account was disabled because I do not log on every 120 days. Grrrr. The web site should have told me that. Just another very clear example of bad software and QA. I sent them a note saying so and got the”Your feedback is very important to us. It will be placed in the trash can nearest the computer you emailed.”

Andy and I got lunch at Anthony’s. Being the San Franciscan, I had to get the clam chowder in a bread bowl, especially since it was so cold out. Later in the afternoon the weather cleared up and it was time to go explore the downtown!


I spent most of the time near Seattle Center, aka, the Space Needle.


The needle has a very 60’sish feeling to it, which was kind of surprising. They wanted $13 for an elevator ride and since I was running out of time and could get the same view from Mount Ranier, I passed. I took the monorail out to Pike Place Market which was cool.

Bumming Around Seattle - 4
Bumming Around Seattle - 5

Pike Place is a major fish market in downtown and also a major tourist spot.

They have all sorts of fish, produce, flowers, etc.


The people behind the counter at the fish markets put on an act so it’s cool to get fish there. We took the local bus home as Andy needed to work late and all the express buses had left for the evening. In stark contrast to Molly, the evening bus driver got on the speaker system and noted, “the bridge at 132nd is closed so I have to go the long way and don’t get a break so accept the fact that I’m a grumpy bus driver”, Reminded me of school when we talked too loud in the back of the bus.

Kirkland, WA Waterfront - 7

We all went out to eat at the Marina Park Grill in Kirkland.

Kirkland, WA Waterfront - 8

It appeared to be a newer restaurant on the waterfront.

The food was excellent, but the service (the hostess was not competent at all) and atmosphere (our table was basically on the sidewalk) left a bit to be desired. Would I go back there? Most likely not, but the food really was good, but it’s only part of the reason you go out. 🙂


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