Chugging back to Seattle



Today it was time to head back to Seattle. I packed the suit in the saddle bags (that was the reason I went to Seattle in the first place). I could not fit the suit in the first 140 liters of space, so Chris brought it up for me. Since I needed it in Atlanta for the next wedding on the circuit, I dumped some stuff in Seattle to make room.

Now that I’m headed back to Seattle, it’s all about the 5 Freeway. With my luck coming down and the traffic that followed I figured I was set for going back. What traffic could be on the freeway at noon on a Sunday? Little do I know that five miles out of town the traffic grinds to a halt. Ugh… Here we go again. Turns out that there were plastic cups all over the freeway. There must have been a few thousand that fell off of the truck.

We stop and go most of the way back to Seattle as it’s Sunday afternoon rush hour, like the Tahoe traffic on the 80 in the SF Bay Area. We grill out on Sunday night with some seasoned chicken from Safeway. They will pre-season your meat for free. Didn’t know they did that!


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