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Today is the first day I’m not riding. I’ve ridden 1400 miles so far. That’s pocket change for some and a whole lot for others. Dan Hicks and I did a lap of Northern California which was about 1100 miles, so I’ve gotten past my prior max! The Mallory is one of those really old hotels that has one of the good water wasting showers, the ones that use about 4 times the water that the one at home does. It’s always great to find a good hotel that has a comfortable bed and shower :).

Ride 4: Portland - Dan Gets Married - 1

Chris, Vy, and I ambled around downtown Portland trying to find a breakfast place. We came across PGE Park, home of the Beaver’s, Portland’s baseball team.

After 30 mins of walking around (and getting hungry) we found some locals which sent us over to the Roxy. The food was good, but the place, I have to say was a bit strange. None the less the food hit the bill and we were on our way.

We drove out to the Portland Airport to pick up a few more folks that were flying in for the wedding and then headed back out to the downtown area.


We found out very quickly we were not in the right section of town as all of the life about town was to the east and not to the west. Oh well.. there is something to be said to walk around and explore, :), even if the directions were a bit confusing.


We picked up lunch at a Mexican joint and were talking about ties.


You know that sinking feeling you get when you realized you forgot a critical item? I forgot the tie. We were 2 hours out from the wedding. I remember passing a Nordstrom a few hours ago that had the magic word: Sale. I run in and pick up a tie at regular price anywhere else (it was on “sale” there) and I’m on my way.


Dan’s wedding was great. It was nice to be amongst good friends and see the two of them so happy. Cheers to Dan and Laura.


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