Hiking in March



In mid-March, my neighbor and I were sitting in his driveway, shooting the breeze. We covered all sorts of topics: current events, the stock market decline, what’s going on at home, etc. I posted that photograph to Facebook with the tagline:

Sometimes it’s about living life with the people around you. I appreciate my afternoons with Alan & Max.

Do you know what the Internet came back with? None other than “Cut your toenails!” I was a bit bummed (and shamed). Shortly after that, I treated my toes to a nice pedicure. What I didn’t know at the time was that lockdown was just 24 hours away.

I did a lot of walking in late March and early April. I was blessed with beauty, so close to being home. Each hike would include a lovely photograph. It was the way I kept myself grounded during the early parts of the pandemic. I collected some of my favorites to share.

As I look back at these photographs, I’m reminded I want to get out more. Temperatures have warmed up considerably, making an afternoon hike a full-on sweat fest. The green has turned to brown and the flowers of all but disappeared.

If I’m honest, though, it’s not just nature that’s changed. I’ve changed a bit too. The pandemic has been draining for sure. Before each day felt like a year. Now, days sort of monotonously blend together. The fundamentals of surviving this pandemic have shifted as well.

I have felt the backslide of my routine. I think the question I ponder today is, what’s the next season of this journey look like for me? What photographs do I want to put on a post coming in July?


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2 responses to “Hiking in March”

  1. Nina Avatar

    Wow! Wonderful photos great insight…. makes …me contemplate moving to Northern California I was born there you know😊

  2. Me Avatar

    Glad you r getting out more

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