Farm Road 109




This is my first motorcycle ride back from the Sierras since moving to the East Bay and it was decidedly different in good and unexpected ways.  I did my first long ride in almost 3 years. That in and of itself is awesome.

When riding I’m often a stickler for mileage as it helps place me in the state.  One metric I often adhere to is “100 miles out” from home.  It dawned on me down the hill that 100 miles out was further up the hill than I expected. a LOT further.


The Flying J is a well loved place with the crew I used to run with back in the day.  Gas is cheap here and it’s near the water which makes for great waterskiing refills.  I’m always

I mentioned a few blogs ago that I didn’t really know the Sacramento River Delta all that much. This is ride over country.  When coming from San Jose, I’d be on one of the big freeways missing this gem in favor of the Sierras.  Today, however, Google Maps suggested a better way than 88 all the way down to 99.  Who would want to say no to this?

tahoe_sunset_001Being a Tuesday, traffic was almost non existent all the way down the hill.  Glorious!  More than glorious!



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