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We meet all sorts of people throughout our lives. Some people touch us for just a moment. Some people walk with us throughout a season. And a select few remain with us throughout our lifetime. Each person we meet broadens us as humans and deepens our connection with humanity.

I met Nick online four years ago as he was passing through San Jose on business. We connected instantly. He’s a motorcycle rider back home in London. We both routinely injected insulin. We talked often about blokes, bikes, and boluses.

We chatted online a couple of times before we officially met in person – hours before the ride. We both jumped into an adventure that long weekend. Neither of us really knew each other and yet we were going to be together on a motorcycle for four days all over California. 

Without recapping all of the details of the adventure (see links below), we both had a great time.

Two people, one bike, camping gear – it was a tight fit!
Range of Light Day 2: Sonoma to Eureka
Range of Light Day 3: Eureka to Yreka
Range of Light Day 4: Yreka to Home

It was the start of a great friendship on both sides of the Atlantic. Business brought Nick back to the states several times and it was great to hang out and connect again. Nick is one with a great smile across his life. We both worked in technology and it was always great to get his perspective from the other side of the pond.

Yesterday I got news that Nick is no longer with us :(. I’m reminded (and humbeled) how much this one individual blessed me and many others.  He’s clearly one of the good ones.

Nick, thank you for the 1200 miles we spent together. Thank you for the adventure of freezing on the coast, swimming in lakes, dancing on beaches, and slogging through the heat all the way home. Thank you for giving me the courage to step out of the closet in the motorcycling community. I learned so much from you… but most importantly to enjoy life as the wind takes you.

Thank you for your wit, your smile, and your encouragement all along the way.

While separated by thousands of miles, we share a unique connection. While only touched for a moment, Nick is one of those people who will remain with me for a lifetime.  I’m sorry our time has been cut short in this life – but I know I will see you again in the next.



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  1. Me Avatar

    So very sad…wasn’t expecting that kind of ending :(….MOM

  2. Cody Avatar

    Wow. Did not expect that gut punch when I landed on this page. Sorry for your loss. 🙁

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