2013 Sierra Stampede



Ross called me up a while ago to see if I wanted to go to this year’s rodeo in Sacramento. At the time it seems like a great idea. We both look forward to it quite a bit each year. As we got close to the date it looks like it was going to be near 110 degrees out there. With that kind of heat, it was tempting to stay in the bay area. Long story short we both were thinking we should call the other and cancel but neither of us manned up to do it.  We joked on the way home about it and were both glad we went.

To start things off we have the Zamboni of rodeo prepare the field:

Sacramento_Rodeo (2 of 40)

All the volunteers, judges, and support staff gathered around to kick off the rodeo!

Sacramento_Rodeo (32 of 40)
Sacramento_Rodeo (15 of 40)
Sacramento_Rodeo (6 of 40)


And because bull riding is awesome, will start there!  Unfortunately, I don’t know very many of the cowboys.

Sacramento_Rodeo (33 of 40)
Sacramento_Rodeo (34 of 40)
Sacramento_Rodeo (35 of 40)


Jason seem to have a good run on Sunday!

Sacramento_Rodeo (37 of 40)
Sacramento_Rodeo (36 of 40)


I ran into Will who had a 70 – 200 mm telephoto lens. He let me borrow it for one set to photograph Anthony. That lens is pure awesome! All of the other photos are taken with a 24 – 105 mm lens. You can clearly see the difference.  It is amazing what $2000 will do. :-).  It brings you right to the action.

Sacramento_Rodeo (13 of 40)

The sidelines I don’t think were quite enough for Ross.  He’s competing in San Francisco!

Sacramento_Rodeo (20 of 40)
Sacramento_Rodeo (21 of 40)


The team roping events are fun to watch. Two cowboys on horses have to coordinate catching the steer.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

I forget what it’s called, but then there’s the all-out running events.

Goat dressing is an event unique to gay rodeo.  It’s a timed event to put a piece of underwear on a goat. Surprisingly, it’s one of the more lucrative events at the rodeo because so many people do it. Winnings are done per event and since so many people compete in this event as there’s a low barrier to entry, you can actually make some money doing it.

Sacramento_Rodeo (39 of 40)

A fun weekend being a spectator!  But alas, the weekend went by too quickly and the San Francisco rodeo will be here before I know it. 🙂


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