2013 Ponoka Stampede: Buckin’ Horses



Modern rodeo has 2 events that involve bucking horses: saddle bronc riding and bareback riding.  The 2 events differ in how the cowboy rides a horse.  In saddle bronc riding there’s a substantial, special saddle that the cowboys can use while riding the horse.  In bareback, as you can infer, the cowboy is just about directly connected to the horse.

Like with bull riding, it’s a long 8 seconds.

I really do like how this photo came out.  Thus it goes first!

Panoka Rodeo 768- Edit

Sometimes the horses buck before there even out of the chute.  This horse jumped the gun!

Panoka Rodeo 958
Panoka Rodeo 963

One tip for next time: the photographers that seem to do this weekend in an weekend out would take a photograph of the scoreboard as each cowboy saddled up.  That way he knew who each rider was.  🙂   


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