Day 4: Hong Kong



By this point in the trip I was feeling pretty adept at rolling around Hong Kong. It was day 4 and I had the morning to poke around the area that was closest to my hotel.  I strolled into the market and bought some fruit for breakfast.  Since I was in Asia, Asian pears were my favorite.  If I got homesick the raspberries were from San Jose.  The shopkeeper calls me “boss”.  I never hung around long enough to know if he calls everyone that.

2013 Hong Kong Day 4 003

Hong Kong is very much a motorcycle city.  The license plates remind me of Oregon with the black on yellow.

2013 Hong Kong Day 4 001

This place was a haven for motorcycles and scooters.  There were large areas of bikes parked in areas in the States that would be cars.

2013 Hong Kong Day 4 016
2013 Hong Kong Day 4 011

Bikes over 650cc were hard to find as most of the two wheelers.  Of the ones that were actually motorcycles, most of them were on the smaller side of the scale.  It made sense as the island is only so big, but seeing this logo on such a small bike made me laugh for a number of reasons!

2013 Hong Kong Day 4 015

And you won’t find the college kid in a pickup truck delivering pizza.  That comes on a bike too!

2013 Hong Kong Day 4 002

There was a band playing out in the streets that was some sort of celebration.  Most of what’s around I could find in some form of English, but the more cultural items it was harder to understand what and why it was going on.

2013 Hong Kong Day 4 020
2013 Hong Kong Day 4 019
2013 Hong Kong Day 4 021


If anyone has an idea as to what the flag is, I’d be curious.  It’s not the flag of Hong Kong or China.  I’ve seen it twice though.  It was nice that the streets nearby were closed.  Apparently this is an every Sunday thing.

2013 Hong Kong Day 4 005

What I found the most interesting was the food and presentation of food.  Here in the states there is such a focus on food sterility that you’d never find the large sacks of burlap with food in them out on the streets.

2013 Hong Kong Day 4 006

There were things I recognized and others I didn’t…

2013 Hong Kong Day 4 013
2013 Hong Kong Day 4 014
2013 Hong Kong Day 4 007


I wasn’t sure what the Ginseng Centre was, but I did think the sign was cool!

2013 Hong Kong Day 4 008

With all the tall buildings, there were many tight, dark alleyways.

2013 Hong Kong Day 4 009

This made me laugh as I was walking down the street.  Coming out of one, you’d see the other..  Talk about Yin and Yang!

2013 Hong Kong Day 4 017
2013 Hong Kong Day 4 018


The culture here pays close attention to plant life, much like Asian culture in other places.  A few caught my eye!

2013 Hong Kong Day 4 023
2013 Hong Kong Day 4 027
2013 Hong Kong Day 4 028


The iPhone store had a graveyard of old technology.  It’s astonishing to see how far we have come in just 10 years with mobile computing.

2013 Hong Kong Day 4 029

I didn’t see many animals in Hong Kong (or Taiwan for that matter).  This cat however, poked his head out just enough for a quick photo.

2013 Hong Kong Day 4 031

Hong Kong: Check.  Next stop, Taiwan.


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