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Travels brought me down to Sarasota, Florida in the middle of June.  This trip I was scheduled to travel during the day but got moved to a red eye when Airtran decided to suspend daytime service between San Francisco and Atlanta.  I was unhappy about that.  Good news is I got to see a spectacular sunrise.

IMG 6684

Landing in Sarasota had some nice views as well

IMG 6693

Having always gone to northern Florida in the spring and summer it was interesting to learn that winter not summer is high season for southern Florida.  I know it’s obvious, but very much not my experience.  Temperatures are supposedly mild, no bugs, and crowded.  This trip down there it wasn’t all that crowded and temperatures weren’t all that hot.  I got lucky!

I stayed on the bay at The Cypress.  It’s a beautiful bed and breakfast right on Sarasota Bay.

[Group 1]-IMG_6712_IMG_6720-6 images

The bed and breakfast has a bocce court right out front so it was fun to play in the evenings as the weather cooled off. We differed on rules though.  Out west if the ball hits the back of the court, it’s out.  Out east that was ok.

IMG 6700

Florida actually gets this thing known as “weather” so it was cool to see the squall line build up on the other side of the bay and move around us as we were paddle boardng on the water:

[Group 5]-IMG_6946_IMG_6955-10 images

A few moments later the skies were clear again.  No rain to be had.

IMG 6967

Sunsets were usually rich with color each and every night.

IMG 6916

Because of the moisture there are much more flora and fauna around.  I seemed find lizards just about everywhere I went.

IMG 6737

One night we all took as sunset cruise on Sarasota’s not so famous Le Barge! We waived goodbye to town…

[Group 9]-IMG_6779_IMG_6782-4 images

and headed out to sea as the ducks said goodbye.

IMG 6807

The scenery was spectacular

IMG 6824
IMG 6821

Another charter cruise boat passed by us as it was just about dark

IMG 6866

The Cypress had a night blooming Cereus.  Apparently it only blooms once per night per year.  I got lucky!

IMG 6930

I found a set of wine bottles in an art collection and was fascinated to see the light refracted through the glass of the different colored bottles.

IMG 7017

And alas one more glorious sunset..

IMG 6915
IMG 6923

I do owe one tribute to Nelson, the inn’s cat.  He’s 5 times older than I am in cat years, has a wonderful demeanor, and is diabetic.  I gave him his dose of U40 insulin the last day.  Just a great kitty.

IMG_7056 copy


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  1. Hadley woman Avatar
    Hadley woman

    Wow Dan, absolutely outstanding! I enjoyed every photo, every comment and then I felt a soft tear in my eye as Nelson’s photo ended the series. As we have always known, you are a gifted and talented guy. Thank you for sharing with us. I am so happy you are part of our family. How was the pride parade in SF. Send photos…we do not do Facebook, maybe we will get hip one day. Lots of love, Vic

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