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Leaving Savannah was hard. Saying goodbye to Lisa was really hard. I was glad to have stayed the extra day so I could spend more time with her. Today’s drive was about six hours most of which was spent traveling across central Florida. One of my favorite vices in the south is Chick-fil-A, a fast food chicken restaurant. I figured I’d stop at one on the road before leaving Georgia. You’d think in 90 miles there would be one. Low and behold, at the last exit before the state line, there is one! Mmm chicken…. Mmmm…. waffle fries  :).

After getting back on the road it dawned on me how easy it is to travel by car. I can put gas in it, set the thermostat to 75 degrees, turn the radio on, and coast to my destination. Sun nor rain is that big of a deal. Crossing into Florida is one more state welcome sign off the list!

Taking the right in Jacksonville from 95 to 10 I was at the bottom of the grid, just coming from the top of the grid 90 and 5 a few short weeks ago.. Once I finish this trip I think I’ll have traveled 12,000 miles in total. Want to know one of the many of the great things about country music? You don’t need CD’s as you can find a radio station with it just about anywhere.

Drive to Sarasota, FL - 3

Central Florida is not super scenic. It’s spotted with small towns every so often, one of which is Lawtey, home of the Florida state prison. Not a town to be speeding through. I hit the Tampa Bay Area at 5pm so I get to hang out with some of my new best friends on the 275 as we chug south to St. Petersburg.

Drive to Sarasota, FL - 4

To get from St. Pete back to the mainland requires travel over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

It’s a neat bridge and also was the bridge in 1980 collapsed when a barge hit one of the pilings and took a major chunk out of the south bound side. The accident caused several cars and a Greyhound bus to plunge into the ocean, killing 35 people.

I got into town about 7 pm, making a six hour drive 8 with a couple extra detours  :).



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