60,000 and it keeps on ticking!



Happy Halloween! Last night the DL rolled over 60,000 miles on the odometer. It was a beautiful day here in California (plus I wanted to get some more miles on the bike) so I decided to ride out to the various evening engagements. For some reason I’d been really anticipating this milestone for quite a long time. I remember having some excitement when the DL made it to 50,000 as it being it’s halfway point to 100,000 miles but not near as much as I had for this one. The mission today was to ride 77 miles in an evening. Funny thing was, this ride was about as boring a ride gets. I stayed on the slab for just about all of it. My schedule was pretty tight except for the last bit of riding home. Yeah, I admit I took the most out of the way way to get to San Jose, Milpitas, and back home. But it was fun even if it was a waste of gas. My bike isn’t new anymore that’s for sure. It’s got it’s fair share of inseparable road grime, scratches, and oxidation. But she’s still fun to ride. Here’s to the next set of adventures ahead!

60,000 on the VStrom


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