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The reality that I’m leaving has now hit me hard. They say that time is a unidirectional vector that moves at the pace of about 24 hours every day. With all the planning and prep that has gone into this trip, it’s hard to believe I’ll be leaving tomorrow. Anel has be great and patient with me all along the way finding things, helping me pack, and pointing me to the bigger picture rather than freaking out over small details. Would my camera come? Will my new suit fit? Will it all get into my bags?

T-1: Final checks - 1

The biggest detail by far was getting the Aerostich Roadcrafter suit in. I had ordered it on 4/9 and it’s supposed to arrive on 5/20. Well 5/20 came and went and I’m suitless. I can’t go without it as it’s my rain protection. I call and pay for expedited shipping. It went standard shipping. The net of it all? They owned their mistakes and overnighted an off the shelf suit (mine was custom) while mine was in transit.

T-1: Final checks - 2

It came in today and it fits!

The weather leaving California does not look good. They are predicting thunderstorms up in the Sierra with cool temperatures. It’s supposed to be really nice on Friday. Could I leave on Friday? Tempting, but I know I need to get on the road. I’m going to get rained on in Colorado. Having this bout in the Sierra will give me confidence that I can deal with it there.

T-1: Final checks - 3

But yes, there is a part of me that is nervous about all the things that could go wrong. Once I get on the road, most of those worries will disappear. I just need to get there. It was good having some last minute hang out with the Thursday Brew Crew as well as my Men’s group. It’s great to be able to talk about your adventures in good company.

Yep, final packing remains but after getting the major pieces in play and saying my goodbyes: tomorrow I depart.


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