Why can’t I just get the next Powershot S50?



It’s been a great camera. We’ve taken a lot of pictures together and have been a lot of places, but it’s time to move onto bigger and better things. The camera almost always comes with when I’m on the bike, so being compact is really important. An SLR is too big. I’ve looked for it’s replacement, but have really been for the most part disappointed. My camera has three features that seems like I just cannot find: size, manual mode, and a raw capture feature. The problem is that the digital camera market has parted like the Red Sea. Most of the creative features like a true manual mode have migrated to the bulky prosumer cameras and the digital SLR’s. The smaller cameras, are well small, but lack the depth of creative features.

Where does that leave one self? At one camp, I’d go SLR and compact and in the other go bulky prosumer wannabe but slimmer than an SLR. Canon has a few options in the compact market such as the 850 IS and in the prosumer camera the S5 IS. Olympus has a new SLR that allows a preview much like the point and shoots. Canon has not responded quite yet, so I’m personally holding off on the SLR until they do. The Rebel XTi is a great camera, but a live preview would be a killer feature. So for now… not sure. The S50 is still ticking. Hopefully it’s got a few more months left in it.


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