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Peace and tranquility ended in Atlanta on Wednesday. Brittany and Lisa flew in from Savannah on Wednesday. It’s been about four months since I’ve seen her, and man do kids grow. She’s about 6 months now. The funny thing is that I don’t really see myself as being good with kids, however somehow seeing her just brings it out in me. A lot of the camp instinct came out so it was fun to try to make her smile. A lot of the skits we do with younger kids there totally work well.
Coming from some long days on the road, it was nice to be home. At this point I’m fully settling into being on Eastern Time and chilling at home. My mom cooked some great meals for us. Friday night we all went to see the Nile at the Fernbank Imax Theater. The film was impressive, chronicling the journey down the blue Nile from Ethiopia, through the Sudan, and across Egypt.

The tyrannosaurus rex is always a winner!

After dinner we took a tour through my alma mater, Georgia Tech to kill some time before dinner. We ate at Wisteria in the Highlands which is a trendy district just east of Atlanta. The food at Wisteria was excellent, but the acoustics made it a bit loud.

Saturday we took Lisa down to the pool for the afternoon. For a kid being so young, she was so at ease in the water. I’m still not getting used to this humidity. Guess California is thinning out my blood. Saturday we all hang out and have dinner together as Brittany, Lisa, and are headed to Savannah the next day. Leaving Atlanta marks the I’m over the halfway point on the sabbatical. I’m enjoying being a traveling bum  :).

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