I’ve had the same job (more appropriately said worked for the same employer) for more than 10 1/2 years. I’m definitely a fossil if not an oddity inside of the tech industry that prioritizes change. It’s been a good run doing all sorts of different things as my employer grew into its own. That being said, it’s time for a break to disconnect and get away from the rat race of post pandemic virtual Silicon Valley.

I took a similar break at the five year mark and it was truly refreshing. My employer gives a bonus and requires it to be used on travel. I got to see Alaska celebrating my parents’s 50 year wedding anniversary. I met my partner as the cruise ship randomly was passing his worksite (got to love location-based dating). A good friend of mine asked me to come join him at Camp Camp. Wrapping that season up, my new person came down to visit for about 10 days.

Five years has gone by fast with so much life transformation packed inside of it. Global pandemic. Home renovation. Complete transformation at work. Long distance relationship during a hard border closure. I’ve come to the place for I believe it’s okay to disconnect. In the beginning I was struggling with trying to figure out what grand things I should do with the time and kept coming up short. I’ve tallied a few experiences together but nothing of the groundbreaking nature we find on social media these days tagged with “look at me in Bali, look at me in the south of France, look at me in sub-Saharan Africa…”

I’m looking to connect with people I’ve not seen in a while, meet new ones on the way, as well as spend some time with my person. To that end, I’m pointing my truck north to see where the road rises to meet me.

A man. A truck. A few vials of insulin. And a shit ton of electrons. Here we go!


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