Autumn Through the Kitchen Window



One of the joys I love most about traveling to Vancouver is that the weather is so often radically different.  I love enjoying what makes each season special a bit longer.

  • In spring, it’s cooler up north so the snow hangs on the mountain peaks just a little bit longer. 
  • During the summer, Vancouver’s air is just about room temperature vs the hot summers we get down south.
  • When fall rolls around, autumn colors start a month earlier. My camera loves it!
  • Come winter, Vancouver gets this white stuff that falls from the sky.  We’ve never seen it on the valley floor in the Bay Area.

In the morning as I’m making breakfast I’ve come to love the window of Randy’s apartment looking out over the West End. It’s a view that’s unabashedly seasonal. This trip the fall colors were out in force!

On my most recent trip, we had one sunny evening (no rain, YAY!)  Randy and I wanted to walk around downtown and explore the Sea Wall.  Every time I come to the Pacific Northwest I’m surprised how rich the fall colors are here.  It’s amazing what more deciduous trees and more rain does for the fall colors.

So I wanted to share a few pics from our Saturday evening stroll down to the Sea Wall.

I’d always heard moss grows on the north side of trees more readily. Living in such a dry climate, I’d never really seen it for myself – until now.


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