Calling Dan – I’m 10 digits away



How to call Dan

I’ve been asked a few times how people back in the States can get a hold of me.  It’s actually pretty simple.  I use Google Voice.  Google Voice gives me a US number that patches through the internet over to Australia.  It works like any US phone number.  There are no crazy fees for you and a nominal cost to me (pennies a minute).  At a very high level, it works like this:


In the States you call a US number and Google Voice will patch it to me overseas.  I’m using an app called Talkatone that allows me to make calls using my data plan rather than the expensive cell networks.  Talkatone is an iPhone client for Google Voice.  When I call the States, I should now have a consistent number.  It’s slightly different than my normal number, but they both share the same area code.  When you don’t answer the phone as you don’t recognize the number and realize it’s me, save that number. I’ll be calling from it consistently.  Just email me if you’d like that number.

Why is this important?

I still have my normal US phone number and it works here.  T-Mobile has decent international support where I can get data that is slow, but free.  Calls are $0.20 a min. Not expensive, but not cheap either.  I may switch over to an Australian provider so I’m better connected with the people here.  It’s way more expensive for me to make local calls to Australians.  If I do, I’ll update this post and post on Facebook that my US number is on hold.

When to call Dan

In general, noon on the west coast and Friday or Saturday afternoons in the States work the best.  I’m 19 hours ahead of Pacific time which makes the overlap somewhat tight.  FYI: Daylight Saving in the States begins on March 9th which means that 9AM Sydney is 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern. Or to make it simple, just ask Siri, “What time is it in Sydney, Australia?”  I’m awake the same hours I was in the States.


What about texting?

iPhone users can text me as usual with texts or images.  Non iPhone users can only send texts. Images do not come through.  You can text me on the Google Voice Number or my usual cell number.

So, feel free to say hi.  It’s always nice to hear from friends.


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3 responses to “Calling Dan – I’m 10 digits away”

  1. lisa Avatar

    Hi…Did not have a # attached to the text this morning…still not sure what to do ….but I can follow directions !!!…LOVE U …MOM

  2. Brittany Avatar

    Like the chart!! Lets talk soon – Anthony got tonsils out today so we r a bit of a mess here- will call u (using chart) later in the week – I don’t know ur number !

  3. Anel Avatar

    Glad to know the texting is local! The map explains it the best! Lol

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