Australians love their fireworks




It was an exceptionally good sunset tonight seeing the warm colors across the sky from our balcony.


I think I’ve seen more fireworks here in three weeks than I have the last 10 years living in the United States. Fireworks seem to be an every other day occurrence here in the land of Oz. I love it though. It provides great photographic opportunities and who doesn’t love fireworks?

sydney_photo_fireworks-11 sydney_photo_fireworks-14

sydney_photo_fireworks-13 sydney_photo_fireworks-12

I was able to figure out how to use bulb mode on my camera for more flexible shooting options. The wireless set up doesn’t seem to be near as ideal as a corded set up as I have to be in front of the camera with the remote. I did like the way these turned out better than my last set.

sydney_photo_fireworks-10 sydney_photo_fireworks-9 sydney_photo_fireworks-8 sydney_photo_fireworks-7 sydney_photo_fireworks-6 sydney_photo_fireworks-5 sydney_photo_fireworks-4 sydney_photo_fireworks-3 sydney_photo_fireworks-2

I also had some time to experiment with my telephoto lens. I remember being in Crescent City, California about 8 years ago in seeing a bright American flag blowing in the wind and night. I’ve always wondered how to take that photograph capturing the flag lit up at night. I experimented and think I found the recipe required using an Australian flag. It’s different not seeing the 13 stripes and 50 stars.


I also wanted to see if I could do a high-resolution panoramic photo. I had the lens backed down to 70 mm and felt like the result came out pretty well. 🙂


Over at Darling Harbour the theme for February is “Month of Love.” Everything seems to have a touch of red or a heart in it. So, know that while this adventure is wonderful, broadening, and all that stuff know that I miss each of you back home and think of you often.



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  1. Mom Avatar

    We miss and love you too ……!,!!

  2. Brittany Avatar

    Miss you too!! Love the pictures

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