Thank you, Elliot



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Somehow, saying goodbye never gets any easier.  I can remember hearing as a little kid that my grandmother passed.  My dad came into the room where we were watching TV and told us that grandmother would no longer be with us anymore.  Looking back on it, it was clear that I really didn’t understand at that time what death meant.

During high school, six members of my class passed during those three years.  I can remember going to my first wake and it hit me like a ton of bricks that I could see this person here but that I’d never see them in class again.  The first week of college I got word that Reyn overran a stop sign and was killed.  Reyn was one of my closest friends during high school.  Most nights we’d be down in his basement exploring what would become the Internet.  I tried to hold it together the first week of college, but instantly lost it the moment I stepped on his parent’s front porch.

Elliott was an exceptional individual.  The first time we really spent time together was after one of the Homoto Motorcycle Club meetings.  I was planning to kick off Homoto in San Jose and Elliott couldn’t have been more excited.  We were going to have a bike night down at Crema Coffee one Thursday night in November.  A million things were going on my head that night: would anyone show up?,  what if there’s no conversation?,  what it’s a colossal failure?  To top it off, it was the coldest night of the year thus far.  Elliott didn’t back out though.  He and Rick rode all the way down from San Francisco despite the weather.

There were six of us that evening doing what most motorcyclists do in the winter: talk about bikes, share road stories, and enjoy one another’s company.  As a look back on that evening it was Elliott’s humility that brought strength to that table.  Often times people make the mistake that humility is thinking less of yourself.  Elliott just thought of himself less.  That was the beauty in his strength.  He gave so much to those around them whether it was Homoto, the Battered Women’s Shelter in San Francisco, the guy next door.  Elliott was a giver.

We all gathered on the beach just south of Pacifica to celebrate Elliott.  The weather couldn’t have been better.  It was warm and fog wasn’t to be seen.  The gathering was casual, yet intentional, just as Elliott was.

We miss you man and look forward to seeing you on a ride through the skies soon.

Thank you, Elliott

2012 Mid Winter’s Tour

Mid Winter’s Tour is the annual ride for Homoto San Jose.  In the winter the central coast is usually the best riding, weather, and all around destination.  Elliot is pictured second from the right.



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