Good Morning San Francisco!



A friend of mine, Matt, took a photo of the Bay Bridge and posted it on Facebook. I was very much intriuged by the photo and wanted to try my own to see if I could capture the same sort of sentiment.  I had another “get up at the crack of dawn” to capture the morning as the sun woke up the city by the bay…  Up at 4, on the road at 5 and in the city at 6.  This is so much easier in December! 🙂

First light: the lights on the bridge did not stay on long after the first few mins of daybreak.

IMG 5484- IMG 5488
IMG 5489- IMG 5493

An interesting reflection street light.  Not sure why the standard overhead glass bulb didn’t fit the bill here.

IMG 5506

First glows of orange and yellow!

IMG 5520- IMG 5523
IMG 5544- IMG 5547
IMG 5548- IMG 5551

I love the rays of sun hitting the bay.  While the original photo didn’t have any fog, the color here was really nice to see and photograph!

IMG 5580- IMG 5582
IMG 5572

And the sunrise is here!

IMG 5605- IMG 5609

And a full view of the bridge is in focus!

IMG 5630- IMG 5636

Port of Oakland

IMG 5613

This is the western end on Interstate 80.   The next exists are US 101 which is the official end of the freeway.    It’s another 2,900 miles to Teaneck, NJ eastbound!

IMG 5503


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