Seabright Beach: A few rays of sun in the clouds



It really has been a dry winter. Most of December, January, and February were sunny days in the mid 60s. Not a bad way to get through this thing called winter. However, to our benefit and dismay it is been raining most days in March. The whole week it has been raining. Most places rain includes thunderstorms, wind, and excitement. Here clouds just lazily roll along spitting raindrops all day long and then mosey on out sometime later. The destination for the afternoon was Seabright Beach to do some hiking and photographing and enjoying a little bit of sun we had. Weather forecasters are predicting rain all next week. :-(.

IMG 4702

This mosaic really caught my eye. I thought it was cleverly done and imprinted into the stone. It definitely made me smile. With the sunny background, I agree. We need more love and sun.

I spent a fair amount of time walking around the lighthouse at the beach. This one, the Walton Lighthouse, reminds me a lot of Pigeon Point. They both seem to have the same shape although Pigeon Point is much bigger.

IMG 4706- IMG 4709
IMG 4714- IMG 4716
IMG 4704 A
IMG 4710
IMG 4734 A

I tried to capture some of the surf hitting the jetties as it seems like the tide was in. However, the waves were not as big as I thought they were, Being out on the jetties with the waves hitting them and feeling the spray was cool, but a bit unnerving as well. I’m sure I wasn’t the only idiot who had done that before.

IMG 4722 A
IMG 4728 A

There were some seagulls in the area but they didn’t feel like getting their photo taken. After a few attempts I resigned with what I had.

IMG 4732 A
IMG 4736

I have not seen the marina in Santa Cruz before. So I walked over there and took a look around and saw this interesting boat in the harbor. I’m not exactly sure what it does. If you have ideas, feel free to drop me a note in the comments.

IMG 4746- IMG 4749

And a parting shot for the day:

I have been becoming a little more particular in the editing phase of my photography. Normally I would do very little editing and just post. But I’m finding it’s worth taking the time to do things like center and straighten horizons, play with different cropping techniques, and experimenting with black-and-white. There are a few photos in this bunch I liked in black-and-white much more so than color, so the black-and-white photos made the blog. With the weather rolling through the clouds in the background really turned out well. Sunny days most of the year is nice, it is great every now and then to have a bit of diversity in the sky to mix up the photos.


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