Fog and Dirt: Abort, Retry, Fail?



So I spent the weekend poking around the Central Coast with an old friend of mine who’s out here from NYC. Highway 1 had tons of traffic on it so we went exploring on some roads that did not have all the RV’s and slow-moving cars on them. The coast was cool, but we could see the fog sneaking in behind us:


Mike swears by the beads on the seat. It makes the seat super slick and found out the hard way in a quick stop, but I’m not sold on the value of them yet.IMG_3307.jpg

And the dirtventure begins!IMG_3316.jpg

Feeling good up top and looking at the ocean belowIMG_3317.jpgMike on the New York GS. California, in particular, the Pacific Ocean, is the 1/2 way point in his trip.


Things were rolling along on the road pretty well. The dirt was hard packed and the tires seemed to be doing the right thing. We came upon a hill that was covered in this talcum powder like dirt that was four to six inches deep. The bike dug into the dirt quickly and then began to slide back and get real heavy, real fast. So, the V Strom had a little dirt nap! It was a soft landing so no harm to bike or rider. As I walked back up the hill to help Mike with his bike (after he got me back up), I saw that the dirt was deep.


I slipped in it on the way walking down the hill! Any tips on how to deal with this sort of stuff? Do you just throttle through it?IMG_3331.jpg

So, now the somewhat clean bike is now somewhat dirty, but the view from the top of the ridge was stunning!


Nothing beats a nice greasy meal after a good day of riding!IMG_3335.jpg


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