Another Year, another project



One of the things I really enjoyed about 2008 was looking back over all of the photos captured in my Project365. I could look back and see something from each day and remember what happened that day. As I get older (and time passes faster) it’s nice to have some record of what happens in all that “in between” time in life. We all remember our vacations, significant events, and major challenges. What about the in between? We all have our day to day that connects the major highs and lows. Part of what was cool about the project was to bring significance to the everyday.  Looking back  I do find some random things that were pretty cool.

September 2008 - 1

September 03: Actual good diet rootbeer comes to RedRock

January 2008 - 2

January 10: Gave a stranger a jump start whose battery died

February 2008 - 3

February 04: The sky on a late night bicycle ride home

So it’s that time again.. I’m looking forward to see what 2009/10 brings!


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