The Oh Dark Thirty Ride – Easter Sunday



Part of me (well a lot of me) felt odd telling Anel that I was going to bed at 9pm on a Saturday night, but the morning was quickly coming. I wanted to tell myself it was so early, but too many things made this year the year: A full moon, dry roads, no rain.. I had to go.

I think this morning was the earliest I’d ever ridden a motorcycle. I was up at 03:30, and rolling at 04:15am. I won’t say that I’ve ever had great rides on US-101 here in the bay area, but it was odd being the *only* thing on the road. 10 lanes of travel at the 85 interchange and no one around. I think I made it up to Palo Alto before seeing another set of headlights.

Crossing the Golden Gate I began to see more bikes come out, all headed for Tam Junction. Getting there (late) at 5:30 it was all dark, but there were swarms of bikes. It felt like 200 or so. We made our way up to the top of the mountain. Being clear and having a full moon over the Pacific, wow. Heading up the back side of the mountain you could see the ocean, mountain and trees in your rear view. The moonlight was glistening over the ocean and one of the most unique views I’ve seen here in the Bay Area.

We got to the top of the mountain at 6:15 or so and then a chunk of us hiked to the top of the mountain in all our gear to see the sun come up. I think I had a different view than Hacket as there weren’t many lights over San Rafael and Richmond as there were in his pics.

Yours Truly at the top of Tam

The moonlit Pacific

Fog nestled in the mountains


The sun is up!


All of us at the top

San Francisco cloaked in fog:



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