Slack Day



Originally I was thinking of making today a motorcycle travel day, but after spending 13 hours on planes and airports, that was not going to happen. I needed to get the rear tire replaced, so I spent most of the morning over at EastSide Moto sitting at a desk with my laptop reading and responding to email while my bike was in the queue. I got lucky in that I only spent about three hours there, but the better half of the day was gone by that point.

That evening Andy and I cruised over to St. Edward state park. It’s an old catholic seminary that the state turned into a park. It’s sits on Lake Washington. We hiked down to the shoreline through some really dense forest. It’s different than the thick forests you’ll find in Georgia with lots of deciduous trees and thick bushy undergrowth or Florida with that thick tropical growth. Most of the trees are conifers and the forest floor is mostly covered in ferns. The ferns really grow like weeds there.

St Edwards St Park, WA - 1

We saw this critter:

St Edwards St Park, WA - 2

Which lead to this:

St Edwards St Park, WA - 3

But the spider then went away, so Andy was happy.

For dinner we grilled out kabobs and called it an early night as I was hitting the road for Spokane tomorrow and morning calls early.


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