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  • Celebrating 117,334 Miles

    Celebrating 117,334 Miles

    I walked into the garage a few weeks ago and I noticed a few “motorcycle tears” on the garage floor. On closer inspection, the right fork was leaking. It was more a small weep than a full out leak, but it was a leak none the less. Combined with the backfire and lack of riding…

  • One V-Strom: 100,000 Miles

    One V-Strom: 100,000 Miles

    The back story For much of my childhood I’ve always had a subscription to a motorcycle magazine. Cycle World dominated a lot of my teenage years. As I started to do more touring on my motorcycle, my subscription shifted to Rider Magazine. Every year each motorcycle magazine has their own “motorcycle of the year.” Rider…

  • V vs Wee Strom

    V vs Wee Strom

    I’ve been riding a 2003 DL 1000 since it was new. The bike has about 85,000 miles on it and it’s been a great bike. Recently I was up in Colorado on vacation and rented a 2009 V-Strom 650. I wanted to get a sense for that bike to see if I made the right…